DigiCut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


Max Profiling Speed 4000 mm/min
Traverse Speed 8000 mm/min
Machine Accuracy As per Din Standard
Repeatibility As per Din Standard [within 1mm]
Bearings Caged Ball LM Guide Bearings
Drive system Precision cut Rack and Pinion with Electronic Correction Facility.
CNC Controller Industrial Grade Arm Chip PLC Controller with large program storage, program resume, kerf compensation and standard shape library.
Drives Dual Drive Powerful AC Servo with low backlash planetary gear reducers
Kerf Compensation 0 to 10 mm
Effective Cutting Width 1500mm ( also 2000mm , 2500mm , 3000mm, 3500mm )
Effective Cutting Lenght 6300mm ( also 8000mm , 12000mm and extendable)
Machine Width 2500 mm (for 1500 cutting width)
Machine Lenght Cut length + 1200mm
Material Thickness Oxy Fuel 5mm to 150mm
Plasma: As per plasma source
Torch Station 1 Oxy Fuel Standard.
1 Plasma Station
Z Axis Travel 150mm travel for OxyFuel.( Upto 300mm available)
100mm travel for Plasma Station.
Plasma Sources Supported Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, Killberg
Power Input – Cutting machine 230/240 VAC 1Ph - 50 Hz for Controller
Power Input – Plasma System 230/240 VAC 3Ph - 50 Hz for Controller. Current rating depents on plasma source cut capacity and model.
Torch height controller Arc Voltage Height Controller

Supported Plasma Power Sources

Hypertherm Powermax Series

Manufactured by NT Engineers, Nasik, India.